Blackwolf is an invitation only program for HS players with recommendations coming from H.S. coaches and/or the Blackwolf staff personally evaluating players. There are no “open tryouts” for Blackwolf. Based on coaches recommendations and evaluations, we will select our rosters. One of our goals is to have the players on this team gain the same exposure as the top select teams throughout the country. Invites will be open to all players, rising freshman-rising seniors.

We realize our job is to provide assistance, support and guidance both for the growth of the player and the recruiting process itself. We also work very hard to create the best opportunities and support network for our players that we can. We work closely with HS coaches and support them however we can. Our goal is to help our players achieve the success they are seeking both in HS and beyond. We feel it is important to work to create the best relationships possible that benefit our players and their families.


Coach Trig, Founder

Coach Trig, Founder

“There are tons of great people and a lot of great programs out there. I just hope that our players truly find their experience with Blackwolf to be one of quality. I’m not perfect by any means but I love my kids and care about them and their families deeply. I hope our players learn to grow in character first, then on the lacrosse field. I have high expectations and standards for our players as people and I hope to teach them to extend their limits, not to find them. The ability to continue on when every thought you have is to quit is something I take personally to try to teach every young man I get to coach. We have had such a great system of coaches, players and parents and we work hard every day for our families to continue to have that. In a time when there seems to be a lot of “club bashing” going on, I hope that the way the top level programs operate and care about their kids will help parents understand there are some really great people and organizations out there that are striving and improving every day to do things in the best possible way. I hope that we get the opportunity to show them that.” – Coach Trig, Founder

We will also require a minimum GPA of 2.5 that all players must have to make the team. This, we expect, will show the players that more than just playing lacrosse can assist in getting them into the college they would like to attend and keep them there. We want this to be something that college coaches will recognize immediately that this player is someone who’s academic standing we need not to be concerned with if he is playing for Blackwolf. We believe strongly that these young men need goals and direction in order to improve and strive for success. Please know that these invites will be extended based purely on GPA and on field performance. We will assist our players and parents at any time and in any way possible with college recruiting and contacting the schools our players are interested in attending. Remember, that being proactive in recruiting can be extremely helpful.

Blackwolf has direct contact with many colleges including: Syracuse, Maryland, Virginia, Navy, Johns Hopkins, Duke, Loyola, UMBC, Georgetown, Bucknell, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Brown, Towson, Notre Dame, North Carolina, Army, Air Force, Ohio State, Lehigh, Denver, UPenn, Providence, Delaware, Fairfield, Jacksonville, Washington College, St. Johns, Holy Cross, Sacred Heart, Dartmouth, High Point, Rutgers, Mt. St. Mary’s, Salisbury, Michigan


  • Joe Trigiani, Head Coach: 20’s, 21’s
  • Andrew Gallagher, Head Coach: 19’s
  • Jason Neithamer, Head Coach: 18’s
  • Sam Beazell, Assistant Coach: 18’s, 19’s, 20’s, 21’s
  • James Bull, Assistant Coach: 19’s, 20’s, 21’s
  • Nick Brozowski, Assistant Coach: 19’s, 20’s, 21’s
  • John Kiracofe, Assistant Coach: 20’s, 21’s
  • Isaiah Davis-Allen, Assistant Coach: 18’s 19’s, 20’s, 21’s