How do I receive an invite for the Blackwolf teams?
Blackwolf extends invitations based on recommendations from coaches or by seeing a particular player in person. Once the player is evaluated, usually during multiple games or at our clinics/camps, and if they meet the requirements, they will receive an official invite. Of course, given the amount of lacrosse talent that exists, we cannot get to everyone but we are very select and want our players to strive to play at the highest level possible.

Do I need to be one of the “best players” on my team to receive an invite?
Absolutely not. Just because you are not a 50 goal/ 50 assist player or make 25 saves a game, doesn’t mean you don’t have something to offer. There are many different aspects of the game that we look for in potential players. We look for a specific chemistry between our players, so when they play together they help showcase and compliment each other’s talents and abilities. And even though we are a very select program, we still actually coach our players. Sometimes, extremely talented players are put a in difficult position because a coach might be reluctant to really coach them because they are so talented. Or worse, may not know how to coach them because their skill level is so high. We don’t just put players on the field and hope their skills will minimize our need to coach or their need to learn.

If I do not receive an invite can I play for Blackwolf in the future?
Of course. Selections are made on a yearly, sometimes seasonal basis, with returning players given preference to spots. WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO HAVE YOUR COACH INQUIRE WITH US AT ANYTIME ABOUT RECEIVING AN INVITATION. Current players are NOT guaranteed a spot on future teams. Many factors play into continuing with our team. Players continuing to work towards improvement, parental behavior and overall attitude are major factors. If you are unable to play for us, there are some fine programs with quality coaches out there. We are very confident in the quality of our program and have no problem helping players find the right fit elsewhere if we are not the best option for them.

What is the tournament schedule for Blackwolf?
This is where we differ from most clubs. We emphasize quality over quantity and play in only a few very HIGH PROFILE tournaments. Some programs feel they are helping their players by playing in numerous tournaments a summer. What happens, more often than not, is the player gets “burnt out” and can actually hurt his chances of showcasing his abilities at an extremely high level. Also, if the team is not of high quality, it’s a fact that very few coaches will actually watch that team play, greatly reducing chances for exposure. We also encourage and assist our players in receiving invites to some of the best individual recruiting camps in the country. These camps in addition to a couple of team tournaments are all the off season exposure a player needs IF they are playing at a high level and with a program that can promote it’s players.

Does Blackwolf handle all the coaching? 
Yes, while we will bring in guest coaches from time to time, we do not bring in “outside programs” to work with our players. Again, we are very confident in the quality we offer so we handle all coaching directly using our own staff. We want you to remember that your sons should be COACHED by a COACH. Don’t get caught up in the hype of an “elite” PLAYERS resume. Good or even great players do not necessarily make for good coaches.

Does Blackwolf provide the best experience possible?
That would depend on the player, not us. We do promise to deliver the best coaching we possibly can and hopefully our players will learn in our highly energetic setting and make use of the opportunities offered. We are not going to be all things to all people; this is why we are a select team. We will not use “gimmicks” to try and entice potential players that we are “the best thing since sliced bread”. We also encourage players to try other programs, so they may find the best fit for themselves and their future. We caution you to be aware of programs that promise a great experience, but only if you’re willing to pay for it. Coaches and programs should help their players because it’s what they are there for, if they want to charge you extra to “assist” with recruiting or “talk” to coaches, that should be a huge red flag as to what that program is really about.

Do Blackwolf players have to want to play only Division 1?
No, our goal is to have every player attend the college of their choice. It does not matter whether that level is D1, D2 or D3. What matters most is that the player strives to reach their goal of playing at a specific level and/or program. We want our players to be seriously committed and to want to be the best and play alongside and against a very high level of talent. We want our players to reach our high expectations and have the willingness to work towards the goals set by the program and that they in turn set for themselves. If you are looking a “rec league” or a “pay to play” environment we are not the program for you.

Do Blackwolf coaches contact colleges for their players?
Yes, we contact college coaches directly via phone, email and sometimes even in person. We work closely with the HS coaches of our players to help them gain the exposure to the colleges our players are interested in attending. Take a look at our Team page to see some of the schools we have direct contact with.